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April 09, 2020

Benefits from Dates Infused Water


Date-infused water is one of many ways health and sports enthusiasts use to perk up their normal drinking water and to reap the benefits from date fruits. Dates infused water is Dates that are soaked in drinking water overnight, usually in a closed container, which is then consumed as regular water the next day.

It taste good, with a caramel-like fragrance and sweetness of dates. In terms of flexibility, we can use it any way we want. Its benefits however, are completely extraordinary.

Increased Immune System

Date-infused water is high in Iron, which our body needs to promote the production of Hemoglobin, red blood cells and stabilize protein metabolism that will boost our immune system.
Therefore, it is good for those who are anemic and regular consumption of Date-infused water can help prevent infection from many diseases.

Prevents constipation

Date fruits are high in fiber and while consuming the actual dates is good to relieve constipation, drinking dates infused water can calm our digestive system and prevent constipation. It is good in aiding the digestive system to better digest food and absorb nutrients.



Stabilizes blood pressure

Dates infused water is rich in Potassium, which is one key factor helping to stabilize blood pressure and maintain your heart's performance. The Potassium content in Date-infused water is needed to keep our body in tip-top condition and to fight fatigue. These two factors combined are the reason it is perfect for consumption before fasting and after breaking fast during the Ramadhan season.

Detoxification Process

Alkaline concentration in Date-infused water is useful if you are looking for a detox. By drinking this water, the alkaline content helps stabilize the acid in our stomach and body; it improves the body's detoxification process by getting rid of unwanted agents that accumulate in our body through urination and bowel movements.


Eliminating Bad Cholesterol

Dates infused water contains high contents of fiber and potassium derived from date fruits. The combination of these two is proven to be beneficial in helping reduce and fight off LDL Cholesterol (bad cholesterol) preventing heart attacks, stroke and other heart diseases.

Good for expecting mothers

Dates contain many nutrients that are good for expecting mothers. As such, this tasty Date-infused water will help add some extra "taste" for expecting mothers fighting against morning sickness. It is also believed that it helps strengthen uterine muscles, while the Iron, Calcium, and Potassium content basically scream out good quality breast milk.

So for expecting mothers, consuming more regular dates infused water may be the answer to a happier more milk-rich mommy.


Dates infused water however, should not be kept longer than 3 days. By the 3rd day, they will start fermenting, releasing alcohol, which is a big no no for our Moslem practitioners.

So if you have not tried it already don't wait any longer, time to try out this concoction of tasty and flavored water, especially with Ramadhan just around the corner.

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