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August 22, 2019

Dates for Play Dates


Mothers, if you have read our earlier posts on the benefits of dates for pregnancy and breastfeeding, surely you'd wonder if these fruits also do wonders for your babies. Of course they can, however, with caution.

A baby's digestive system is very fragile and sensitive for the first six months. Generally after the 4th month, paediatricians will allow a mother to feed her baby with soft food as the baby starts to grow and needs more source of food to feel full. For the time being, stick to baby cereal and breast milk. Once the baby has familiarized him or herself with semi-solid food, then you can proceed with other types of food.

Entering 6 months, you may slowly introduce dates and other fruits to the baby. Since dates have a soft but chewy texture, it is best to steam the dates first before mashing or blending them into a purée with added breast milk to dilute the paste. Alternatively, you can also soak them overnight and then turn it into a puree. At the moment, we do not recommend feeding your baby date syrup or juice as it may shock his or her digestive system.

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There are many benefits of dates for a growing baby that parents will be pleased to know.

Increased immune system
Dates are known for antioxidants and free radicals that can help boost one's immune system to help fight infections

Provides energy and nourishment during fever and smallpox
If your baby catches fever or smallpox, mash dates in breast milk for a speedy recovery

Better end-to-end digestive process
Dates contain fibre that can help to relieve constipation. At the same time, magnesium derived from dates can also reduce acidity in the stomach to avoid gastric ulcers. They can also prevent intestinal disorders and establish friendly bacteria colony.

Strong teeth and bone development
A baby is born with about 300 bones with some fusing together as he or she grows older. As for the teeth, you will be excited to see the first tooth at 6 months. With the passing days and weeks, a baby will need more iron and calcium to continue to grow healthily.

Improved weight
Don't forget to take your baby for the routine check-up at the pediatric clinic. During these visits, a mother will understand more about baby development. That includes the baby's weight. An underweight baby may be a sign that he or she does not get enough nutrients for growth. Therefore, infusing dates into breast milk and soft food may help to improve weight.

Improves vision
Just like carrots, dates are also good in improving eyesight with the high content of Vitamin A. Besides, isn't it nice to know that your baby can see and recognize you?


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Take Extra Safety Measures with your Little One

  • Use ripe dates only when feeding your baby because young and unripe dates contain tannins that can be harmful to your child.
  • If you decide to mix dates with other fruits, try to introduce your baby to one fruit at a time first with a space three to five days in between. This is crucial in detecting food allergies from the very beginning.
  • If your baby enjoys his or her ‘play dates', allow another 6 months before feeding the baby chopped, pitted dates as the tongue has better muscle control to allow the food to roll in the mouth. When eating solid food like this it best to have the baby seated properly to avoid choking.

Now that you've gotten your dose of upDates! Till our next date, Eat Fresh and Stay Well, only from All Kurma.