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August 13, 2019

Set a Date with Nature


We always talk about study, work and even working out in our blog posts, and how we conduct our daily activities with our favourite dates - yes, plural because at All Kurma, we offer you the best varieties of dates.

How about we go out door for a while? Enjoy a sweet date with Mother Nature with none other than, our favorite Superfood: dates fruit! This delicious treats are well-known due to its portability and how easy it is for a pick-and-go snack, the best and most ideal snacks for young and old.


A Nice Picnic Party

Take your family for a nice picnic over the weekend. Pick your favourite river or lake side and lay down a nice mat on the green, green grass before organizing your mini picnic party. Instead of serving fast food or unhealthy snacks with tonnes of MSG dumped into them, why not serve your best homemade deli's?

If you like sandwiches, we suggest the spicy tuna filling with chopped dates as the sweet taste blends really well with the chili on your tuna. Mini bites are even easier to make with dates. You can choose something sweet like dates dipped in chocolate. Yes, just like your favourite strawberry chocolate fondue only with dates. Alternatively, you can go for something savoury like bacon-wrapped dates. Get your recipe HERE.

Not only do you get to spend time with your spouse and children, you also encourage them to enjoy the fresh breeze, without cell phones and tablets, while eating healthy food.

And if you have your furry children, find a pet-friendly park and everyone is game!


Take a Hike

And we mean it in the most polite way, LITERALLY! So instead of sleeping in over the weekend (yes, we understand that you are exhausted after a long week at work), get up very early in the morning and go for a nice walk uphill with friends.

When going hiking, it is best to travel light as you will need to bring a few essentials such as a bug repellant, muscle relief ointment (just in case), a big bottle of water and a change of clothes, if you spotted any waterfalls along the way and decide to take a dip at the cool waterfall afterwards.

So, a big container of fried chicken does not really fit the bill here, especially if it is just a half a day trip. That's why, we suggest dates. You can choose a few 250g packets of dates fruit because they are so easy to carry. Or Medjool since they are larger in size, meaning you only have to carry a few with you.




Dates are amazing energy boosters that are rich in various nutrients, which fuel your body after a strenuous physical activity, with its naturally sweet and healthy glucose and fructose contents. At the same time, dates allow your body to recover as the high potassium content reduces the risks of muscle cramps. Men's Journal claims that a Medjool date contains higher potassium than a bottle of Gatorade! The essential amino acids derived from dates also help to build stronger muscles in the long run.

You can apply the same concept when going swimming as it is unwise to eat a full meal before taking a dip to reduce the risks of cramps and drowning. So, dates are your best bet!

Now that you've gotten your dose of upDates! Till our next date, Eat Fresh and Stay Well, only from All Kurma.