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July 25, 2019

Why Date Fruits are Important for Vegans


All Kurma Vegan July continues, and in this edition of our vegan-conscious topic we will be looking into some initial drastic changes and "symptoms" that you may experience with this new-found vegan lifestyle and most importantly HOW our favorite topic of interest, the fruit of wonder the date fruits can come in handy to help you combat these initial side symptoms.

So, ladies and gentlemen, we are here to understand and conquer! We know it's not easy especially for the newbies but give it some more time before you give up this healthy episode in life and start heading to the nearest junk food joints.

Adjusting to no-meat, no-cheese and no-milk diet is not an easy feat if you have lived your whole life running on animal by-products.

So it is important to understand that during the initial few weeks, our body may respond to these adjustments as the results to our new diet. Mostly will be good and more encouraging changes but at times it may be hard, as to some, they may experience the following:


Image: HealthFix

1. Fatigue

This is fairly common as you change your meal plans. The body is still adjusting to a new routine. so a drastic cut in all animal-based products for quick energy boost may result in certain withdrawal syndrome that will lead more often than not to fatigue.

Since dates contain low glycemic index (GI) they will slowly release the healthy, natural sugar into the body for absorption without spiking your insulin level and give you a sudden headache. The high content of potassium also helps to nurse fatigueness and headaches.


2. Frequent pangs of hunger

By excluding meat, milk and eggs from your daily intake means that you'll experience hunger immediately as the so-called more "filling" food are absent from your consumption completely.

Imagine replacing your favourite beef burger with vegan patties, dunking your cereal with soy or almond milk and skipping eggs altogether; of course it is normal to start feeling hungry. Be careful, don't mistake cravings for hunger. So identify it to avoid over compensating yourself, both the cravings and hunger, however, will subside when you consume more protein. Dates contain a lot of just that: protein! so slowly chew one Medjool date every few hours to keep the cravings at bay.


3. Mood swings

Changing your lifestyle means that your body experiences physical and chemical changes too. Flushing out the ‘non-vegan' elements in your life can cause hormonal changes as the body is reacting to your new meal plan.

Don't be alarmed by the changes. Here is something we can do, dates contain high magnesium and tryptophan which can help with your emotional roller coaster ride. Magnesium is a natural mood enhancer, while tryptophan which our brain also produces releases a happy hormone called serotonin. So literally, grab a date to better your mood!


4. Irregular bowel

A vegan palate which contains a lot of vegetables and fruits will ‘work' your digestive system as the body does not absorb fibre from those major sources. Also, you may realize the frequent need to urinate as vegetables and fruits yield a lot of water.

So, this is where your favourite superfood comes in handy. Dates contain as much nutrients as most superfood but with less water, especially the dried ones. So a balanced combination of fresh fruits, vegetables and dried dates will eventually help to ease your internal system.


You may also experience symptoms like irregular sleeping patterns, skin breakouts and rashes and in some cases, change in body odour and weight change. Don't get discouraged just yet. Remember, we just need to allow our body to readjust and all will be well and definitely to a better, fitter and greener you.

vegan date

Stock up on some of your favourite dates at home (and at work!) to help ease your transition. We recommend the Jericho Medjool dates for work (because of their large size), the Sunfruit Deglet Nour dates for home (because ours come with a branch!) and the Date Crown Khenaizi when on the go because this one comes with the 250g pack!

Now that you've gotten your dose of upDates! Till our next date, Eat Fresh and Stay Well, only from All Kurma.