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Established in 2015, All Kurma was founded on the premise of delivering a wide variety of high-quality healthy snacks and superfoods at an affordable price in Southeast Asia.

With more people living a sedentary lifestyle in today's day and age, it has become our mission to be at the forefront of promoting a healthy and active lifestyle through healthy eating. We live and breathe our tagline - Healthy Happiness Starts Here - by advocating a tasty and balanced diet through our wide range of products that can be added to almost any meal. With little to no preservatives, our halal-certified products were created and curated with Vegan and Paleo practisers in mind. Our goal is to alter the stereotype that healthy eating is less than flavourful, with our diverse range of healthy snacks.


We believe that everyone should have access to healthy snacks and superfoods. We have the resources to provide to a range of patrons from direct-to-consumer, wholesale and corporate sales to ensure that our mission can reach our customers, no matter where they are.

At All Kurma, Healthy Happiness Starts Here.

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The ancient Palestinian city creates the perfect

environment for growing plump and delicious

medjool dates, which are what Jericho

Dates are renowned for.


Date Crown is the first retail brand from Al Foah

and is the world's leading and fastest growing

packaged Dates brand with presence in over

35 countries and growing.


Al-Hisham dates are selected Khalas dates

originating from the UAE or Saudi Arabia

Khalas Dates are naturally browned,

refreshingly sweet and incredibly soft.


Sunfruit is one of All Kurma's private labels

from North Africa, which aims to appeal to

the modern, forward-looking crowd.


Mahadhi mozafati dates are one of the most

popular dates in Malaysia and they originate from the Middle East. These dates are sweet like honey, and they are naturally semi-dried.


Premium Dates from the Middle East.


A collection of the finest dates from Saudi

Arabia produced and exported by the well

established, Siafa Dates Factory.


Exclusive to All Kurma, Springdale Cottage is

our homegrown brand covering a multitude

of wellness food products


Ziba Foods is an artisanal nut and dried fruit

company that provides health conscious

consumers with sustainability grown

food sources.

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